Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Orang Cina = Pendatang!

See the link above. Personally, I am highly irritated with the constant calls by some Malay people telling Malaysian Chinese that we are some kind of immigrant, and constantly hinting us to leave Malaysia. Zulkifli Nordin did it at the Bar Council Forum last month, and now this UMNO hero, Ahmad Ismail (I think he is some kind of 'Datuk').

The theme has been the same, that the Chinese and Indians are some kind of immigrant and the Malays are the owners of this land, being the Prince of Earth (Bumiputera). 

History has confirmed that the Malays were descendants from China who travelled to this Peninsular maybe 2000 years ago.

Please see : http://www.asianinfo.org/asianinfo/malaysia/pro-history.htm

I quote from that webpage:-

"Ancient Malaysia - Negrito aborigines are considered to be one of the first groups of people to inhabit the Malaysian peninsula.  When the Proto-Malays, made up of seafarers and farmers, came to the peninsula they sent the Negritos into the jungles and hills.  The Proto-Malays came from China and were technologically advanced, especially in comparison to the Negritos.  After the Proto-Malays came the Deutero-Malays, which were made up of many different people - Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Proto-Malays, and Siamese.  The Deutero-Malays were proficient in their use of iron and when they united with Indonesians, they combined to make up the people known today as the Malay."

I have always maintained that the only people in Malaysia, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia to have any aboriginal rights is the Orang Asli. Technically the Malays have hijacked that right and crystallised that hijack in 1957. 

But really, i dont care about who came first, and who came later. I dont care if the Orang Asli or Orang Melayu should be the Bumiputera in Malaysia. If the Constitution states that the Malays have special rights, I will respect that.  

What bothers me is the constant attack on the Chinese by these group of Malays. I would suggest this to the government, if you want us Chinese (and other non-Malays) to leave Malaysia, then I demand this:-

1. Buy back all our properties;
2. Fully Compensate every single non-Malay for the movement cost to leave Malaysia
3. Pay back all our taxes that we have been asked to pay, and enjoyed by this government

And then we will leave. I ask for this compensation, as this would be normal when asking someone to rescind their citizenship. I dont mind returning to China though I know I will initially struggle. China is doing well and will continue to do well in the near future. There is always Singapore. As boring that city is, and as strict the Government is; at least there is meritocracy. There is also Taiwan and Hong Kong (though the latter is now part of China).

We can also move to Europe, Australia/NZ and North America. And not to forget, there is much opportunities in the middle east like Dubai 

I would like to see how Malaysia survive without the Corporate Tax of :-
1. Genting
2. Guiness Anchor Brewery
3. Magnum Corporation
4. Hong Leong group
5. The Kuok group
6. Maxis/Astro
7. Carlsberg brewery
8. Berjaya
9. Sunway
10. Country Heights
11. Public Bank
12.Titan Corporation
13. Air Asia

etc etc etc.

So please lah, if you really want to talk talk and threat threat the Chinese about asking us to leave, do it. Dont just talk.. we have enough hot air already, we dont need anyone to add to it. 


bwen said...

THey took RPK, thats what we have expected. But they took Ms Tan, whom I thought was doing her job. Why not Ms Tan's Boss and the other industry peers of hers to join RPK in Perak? What irritates me more is that why didnt the Penangite Hillbilly join them too? Free press?

Richard Wee said...

The irony is, Biing - the chap who commented chinese to be pendatang, is himself a pendatang as he has roots from India.

There you have it, the politics of Malaysia. The UMNO game of dividing the nation and making sure our Malay friends are always separated from everyone else in Malaysia. I am however confident that Malaysians will eventually see through this, and some kind of fairness will exist.