Thursday, 4 September 2008

5 new signings

Finally Everton signed some new players. But will they be able to do the job?

1. Lars Christian Jacobsen
- suppose to be cover to Hibbert and Phil Neville on the right back position. If need be, he can play on the RB position whilst Neville plays as Defensive Midfielder. Dont think he will be a spectacular buy.

2. Segundo Castillo
- played at last World Cup and was a fairly good player at his last club, Red Star Belgrade. A Defensive Midfielder. Lets hope he will be our new Carsley.

3. Louis Saha
- why in the world did we sign a player who has been injured the last 4 years? My only hope is that he turn out to be a better player once he move to new a club. David Dunn was always injured when he was at Birmingham, but when he returned to Blackburn, he has played many matches. 10 goals from Saha if he stays injury free?

4. Carlo Nash
- perfect foil to Tim Howard. Willing to be a No. 2, and an Everton fan when he was a boy. I actually think he's the most appropriate buy Moyes made this time around.

5. Marouane Fellaini
- who is this fella? That was my first re-action. 15million pounds is a lot of money. I've checked him out on the net, and he seems a very bright player, and he is a box-to-box midfielder. If he is half as good as Lampard, I will be happy.

Well, as a supporter, we can only hope. Any player joining Everton will be supported and cheered on. The Club is bigger than the players, and I hope the Club will be bigger than ever at the end of the season. Unfortunately with the start we have had, finishing top 4 is gonna be an uphill battle. I would however settle for a top 6 place, or winning a Cup.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum! 

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