Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Free Speech just got stabbed a little deeper

RPK will be at KEMTA for 2 years.

It's confirmed, if there was any doubt at all, that ISA equates to Save Najib. Cause only when RPK approach the issue of Altantuya's murder, did this ISA issue was raised. We have government officials using ISA to pretect them.

Where is the National threat? Do we see 'rusuhan' in the country. Do we see people coming out in Villages in Kulim, or Streets at Shah Alam to protest? Was the Country out of control?

The only people who are a threat to the Country are:-
1. Najib
2. Syed Hamid Albar
3. Khir Toyo
4. Ahmad Ismail
5. and all other members of the Majlis tertinggi of that party called UMNO.

We live under a tyrant. And while I am not certain of the capability and capacity of the alternative Government, I rather take that risk with a new Government then continue to be governed under tyrants of UMNO.

Postcript (from the Malaysian Bar Wesbite's Forum)

I was tempted to say that Free Speech is dead after reading about RPK detention at Kamunting, but I told myself that the fact that I am writing this Forum posting on the Bar website itself means some kind of free speech exist. I just hope the webmaster dont place this under the "registered member's only" list.

But the fact is, with RPK's detention, the heart and soul of free speech in Malaysia was stabbed and it was stabbed deeper than usual, this time. For where is the danger of RPK's website? We dont see news of "rusuhan" or anxiety among Malaysians. No news from Kulim or Tumpat of Muslims being angry with RPK. NO news from PJ or Kuching of Malaysians feeling insecure due to national threat.

Syed Hamid Albar actually stated “His articles could arouse anger among Muslims,” quoted in the online version of the Star. See:-


In that report, Syed Hamid actually claimed that the police investigated on RPK website and recommended arrest as RPK ridiculed Islam.

RPK himself is a Muslim, and he is purportedly questioning Islam. How is that a National threat? How did he undermine National Security? There are laws available to prosecute him, and it is in the Penal Code. The Penal Code provides prosecution, if one is disrespectful to a religion. Go check on Penal Code when you have the time, and you will find the provision I am talking about there.

So if we have a specific law to charge RPK if he is guilty of that offence, why instead he is now under ISA arrest?

It is all too coincidence that RPK's website got attention after he uploaded comments about Altantuya's case. Suddenly he is a threat therafter. He attacked our Najib to be involved and claimed to have much evidence in support.

Is ISA used when one's position in the Government under threat? Is ISA used to protect the Government? I am tempted to say that the current Government themselves, is a threat to Malaysia. We do not know who is running the Country as the current Government seems to have a fixation for Anwar. When he say something, UMNO jumps. He goes to Court, major road blocks and checks at Court. He claims to have the MPs to cross over, BN send MPs to Taiwan. etc etc.

And not only that, when Mahathir talks about pegging, Najib immediately say no.

What kind of governance is this? Who is running the country? Are we running on auto-cruise?

Everyday we read news about politics, Anwar, Najib, Pak Lah etc. And to add to the depression, we have poor girls kidnapped and killed. What is the Government doing about poor Police standard (IPCMC?). Any news of investment? What happened about Iskandar Development and all those Corridors?

Now, we have a man who was running a website, arrested under ISA, when you and I can still have teh tarik at night, without any feeling of fear that the National Security is under threat.

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