Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The return to Parliament after 11 years

I still have my doubts over Anwar, to be honest. He was overwhelming re-elected last nite to represent Permatang Pauh in Parliament. Great results for him. 

But the alternative is UMNO. Once Pak Lah goes, we have Najib. I wont trust him even with my old socks. He has a horrible history of being racists and will say whatever he can to win votes. Just last year he said Malaysia is an Islamic State and there is no such thing as separation of power in Malaysia. And together with his partner in crime, Syed Hamid Albar, he attacked Bar Council for the Forum on Family Law, involved conversion of a child. His attack was immoral, and irresponsible. Suddenly at Permatang Pauh last week, he was reported to say in local papers that Malaysia is a country where the Constitution is supreme. 

The feeling i get with Najib is that seems prepared (hypothetically speaking) to sell his family too, just to stay in power.

Other than Najib, who do we have - Muhyiddin (absolutely not charismatic, and with suspect intelligence), Tengku Razaleigh (too old), Hishammuddin (only good for kissing keris, and lack any courage to do what is right), KJ (is he the gangster of UMNO?)...

So really, even though I am not absolutely comfortable with Anwar, we dont have much choice. I like Musa Hitam, but Mahathir made sure he killed off any chance of Musa coming up, years ago. Looks like, no choice loh... for the moment, support Anwar until a better leader come along. 

I am however very open to be proven wrong by Anwar and hope he will turn out to be a good and positive leader. 


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