Sunday, 24 August 2008

Going overboard

Lee Chong Wei won the Olympics silver and all hell broke loose in our political front. 1st, he was flown to Penang via private jet and all to meet Najib. There he was given a mock cheque for RM300,000-00 and also the life payment of RM3,000.

Then the DAP led Penang government gives him Datukship. Yesterday Lee Chong Wei was at the DAP convention and it was reported that he is not interested in politics and asked to be left alone to prepare for the Japan Open in September. 

I respect his talent and was very sad when he lost to Lin Dan. But to give him datukship, and to pass him the mock cheque in Penang right smack in the middle of the Permatang Pauh election is just ridiculous. All politic gimmick. And I though DAP would be bigger than UMNO, but they too jump into the bandwagon, and quickly announced the Datukship award. Really pathetic!

There are other issues we should look at:-

1. That bloody racist school teacher which was conveniently transferred and matter closed. Lim Guan Eng made a defence of that poor girl in Melaka, and he was convicted of Sedition. Here we have a teacher uttering racists comments in School, of all places, and nothing is done to punish this teacher. Hishammuddin remains silent. Perhaps he was too busy kissing his keris, but as Education Minister, he must come out and state that this is wrong. But then again, he himself is a racist man, after his keris kissing antics, so I guess we cant expect much from him. 

I do wonder if a non-malay teacher had attacked the malay race... I wonder what would happen?

2. Talking about racists comments - no action taken against UMNO delegates who were bashing the chinese in the last general assembly.. But then again, our Prime Minister is just too busy taking LRT and Trains. 

I applaud PM's effort to take the train and all. Finally someone from Putra Jaya coming to the common level, but will there be any concerted effort to solve the transport problem? Our country loves to build things but has no clue/ no desire to maintain these buildings/facilities. 

Back to Chong Wei, if we are going to give him Datukship, please award Cheah Soon Kit/Soo Beng Kiang too as they won Silver in Atlanta.



Noreen said...

nowdays, a datukship has no worth. everybody can get it.

Richard Wee said...

Yes Noreen. I agree... and to compound matters, Misbun is also given Datukship.. sigh.

Dont get me wrong, i think these guys did a good job. They train/work hard, and deserve respects. But there are better ways to respect these chaps.

Penang could have named a Badminton Hall, 'the Chong Wei' hall. Misbun can be respected by giving him PJK or something. No need Datukship lah.

Prav said...

noreen is right. Datukship long lost its prestige and worth. Now it's just another fanciful gelaran which is utterly worthless.

Problem with malaysia is that racism (towards whichever race) has never been outwardly condemned. You look at developed countries, the mere utterance of anything remotely racist is condemned by the public.

Here politicians freely make racist remarks, and proudly espouse racial supremacy. Point to note, the only other party to advocate racial supremacy was National Party of South Africa, the founders of apartheid. See the similarities between those 'noble' men and a certain party here?