Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Bar Council Forum on 9.8.08

In Subashini's case, the lady's husband converted to Islam, and one day (without Subashini's presence) converted one of their kids to Islam too. 

Subashini's lawyers at the High Court (and the Court of Appeal and Federal Court too) contended that the conversion of the child was void as the Act involved suggests that both parents must consent to the conversion of the child and not just one parent.

The High Court felt that amongst other issues, this issue is an issue for Syariah Court to decide, and not the Civil Court. So, must Subashini who is not a Muslim, go to a Muslim Court, where she has no locus to appear, to ask for remedy?

That is the issue of discussion for the Bar Council Forum yesterday. 

The Bar Council's Family Law Committee (who were organising this Forum) should have chosen a better name for the Forum, instead of the 'Conversion to Islam' title, but the content and issues at hand was NOT about conversion. The Forum, is about what a mother like Subashini can do in her situation. Hence why the Forum initially saw the speakers from the relevant Syariah Bodies attending; to try discuss and offer solutions. 

But again UMNO-controlled Utusan Malaysia started this campaign that Bar Council is discussing about Islam conversion and attacked Council. Our DPM and his gang on got into the band wagon to politicise this issue. These guys either :-

1. did not read the Bar website properly cause anyone who read it would know that the Forum is not about Conversion, or worst

2. they DID read the website or was informed about what the Forum was really all about; but were irresponsible and/or dishonest in wanting to divert attention away from the Anwar case and lied to Malaysians by attacking Council over what was clearly not the case.    

But this is Malaysian Politicians, just 'bantai' and not give the rakyat the accurate picture of what is happening. Just say what they have to say, in order to gain political mileage and pretend to be hero of a specific community, continuing to divide the country, when they know by dividing us, they stay strong and in power.

The timing of the attack co-incide the Anwar's case. We can see that these guys in UMNO has used this Forum to divert the attention away and at the same time try to force Anwar to say something about the Forum.

Najib and gang first flooded the newspapers and TV news with absolutely incorrect and inaccurate information, telling the public that this Forum is about conversion and therefore wrong.... and then attack Council to the point of causing friction. So, the Friction was actually caused by Najib and gang; and Not Council.

Then we have heroes like Zulkifli Nordin who use to be a Bar Councillor, attending the Forum and causing ruckus, and proudly announcing that he's project to disrupt and stop the Forum was a 'success'.

Malaysia continue to be plagued by irresponsible and self serving politicians, whilst the man on the street are used as pawns in this big chess game. 



Prav said...

mob rule, mate, mob rule. there's a certain slice of society to which discussion, dialogue and tolerance are an anathema.

Funny how come police didn't use water cannons and tear gas, even though the samsengs were aggressive and uttering threats...

Richard Wee said...

Yeah agree with u Prav. U should see the videos of the matter in the Malaysia Kini... Bloody gangsters.