Sunday, 24 October 2010

May the 3rd Force be with you

Last year, when there were 3 elections going in Malaysia, I wrote of the possibility of a 3rd force in our politics.

In recent time, Haris Ibrahim & RPK have both wrote about this force. With the recent antics of PKR in their on-going election, plus the DAP fiasco at Perak, how are we to trust Pakatan to take care of themselves, let alone take of Malaysia?

The DAP fiasco in Perak is again caused by this Ngeh/Nga combo. Just before the March 8.2008 election the Batu Gajah MP form DAP had resigned and cited the unbearable political style of this Ngeh/Nga faction for her decision. Now Kula finds them unbearable too. This posting is not to support Fong or Kula, but to ask DAP if they will ever break out of their mentality of an opposition and learn to act like a party which can govern the country.

DAP & for that matter Pakatan, must not forget that we Malaysian voted by majority, against BN, not because DAP or PAS or PKR are parties which we love or look up to, but we were just too fed up and hated BN, especially UMNO.

Pakatan must learn to act with humility and show leadership. Personality politics must be put aside, as the politics should be who is the better leader to take us up. We should search for quality leaders, not intimidating leaders.

However, the DAP Perak fiasco and the on-going PKR election, in all fairness, are subjected to unfair and sensationalistic journalism by the BN owned newspapers.

Many local papers over sensationalize the so-called internal fights in PKR between Zaid Ibrahim and Azmin. The Ngeh/Nga factor too was cheekily played out in these papers and DAP was made to look bad. It is definitely an unfair reporting. One must not forget, that in every single political party, there will be some internal squabble. That is given.

However that does not deflect the fact that Pakatan is still seen as a motley crew of politician, out to gain from the weakness of BN, and not here to be a party which will be loved & respected.

In any political fight, when one put one's heart to do the right thing; and try to convince that the person can deliver, it can be done. Obama did it. Che Guevara did it. Gandhi did it too. So why cant Malaysian do it too?

What we have in Malaysia at the moment, is a politics of self interest. Even the Pakatan people now seems to show the BN trait of being interested in the money aspects of the Politics, and not the Social aspects of Politics.

Perhaps I am old school, perhaps I am wrong to still believe that Politicians should be good leaders, people whom you look up to. People who will do the right thing, at the right time. But I am still hoping (perhaps against hope) that Malaysia will be rid of this money politic (created by BN and now seemingly reaching the doors of Pakatan.)

So, that brings me to the issue of a 3rd Force in our Politics.

In my daily dealing with people in NGO's, Pakatan and few in MCA, I have met many people who genuinely wants to do something good for this country. There are many people out there who really wants to serve this country and make it a better place for all.

But these good people are always suppressed by the people on top. It is common in Political parties, the people on top will shoot down the up-coming stalwart who will be a 'threat' to this top dog. Look at UMNO, how many genuine good leaders has Mahathir demolished.

Perhaps, these good people, should just come out and form a new 3rd party. A political party with people who really wants to help out and improve the system. It is likely this 3rd force, if it emerges, will be formed via NGOs. We have many good positive NGOs out there, and these NGO will be the platform to a new party.

People who are in this 3rd force, genuinely dont care who becomes Prime Minister amongst them, but this group will chose the PM who is of quality and of merits. I can see that in these people, and if they can convince enough people to vote them into Parliament, we may have a new 3rd force.

It will be tough, it will be arduous. But we owe it to our country to explore all possible means to make it better. At the moment, BN and to some extent Pakatan, is just not good enough.

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