Friday, 7 May 2010


Threats of May 13; the 'dont-mess-with-me-cause-I-am-Malay' threats; unruly statements etc etc; continues to be reported. Best still, they are all reported in the Main media (read : controlled by BN or UMNO). Not only is UMNO racists and violent, they are proud of it, so proud, that Utusan Malaysia is used to report these.

I also notice that whenever UMNO or some organisation related to UMNO does a rally, a protest etc, it is usually, if not always, tainted with violence and threat.

Their grass root leaders are racists and always use race issues to garner emotional support and stir racial tension. Lets look at the statements made by their leaders over the years:-

1. Dato Badruddin's - 'Malaysia is an Islamic state, you dont like it, you can get out of Malaysia'

2. Dato Ahmad Ismail - "Cina Pendatang" (even though he himself is only a 2 generation Indian-muslim from India)

3. everything which comes out of Ibrahim Ali's mouth

4. Mahathir - 'Kalau ambil rasuah, adalah macam makan babi'. Coming from Malaysia's "Father of Corruption", this is so poetic.

5. Muhyiddin's "I am Malay first, Malaysia 2nd", but his boss say we are all ONE Malaysia..

6. Najib : We are 1 Malaysia, but we are not secular, but an Islamic state. At the same time, we want to legalise betting in Malaysia (hey, I thought we are Islamic??)

7. everything which comes out of Zulkifli Nordin's mouth.

8. everything reported in UMNO newspaper, called Utusan Malaysia

What about their conduct? Let's go through the list:-

1. The Cow-head protest - UMNO related

2. PERKASA's daily 'dont-mess-around-me-cause-I-am-Malay' threat - supported by UMNO via Najib and our beloved Mahathir. The PERKASA rally at PWTC was filled with the 'dont-mess-around-me-cause-I-am-Malay' threat.

3. The 'Allah' protest, at KL, also by UMNO.

4. UMNO supported rally by Penang Malay businesses protest, claiming that State Govt of Penang not supporting Malay businesses. (Well if you are in business, you dont need government help. When one go into business, one must do one thing, called 'work-hard' something UMNO people may find a bit difficult to understand).

Its a sickening state of affairs. We have obtuse and low intelligent people trying to lead this country by way of emotional threats, violence and corruption.

In the meantime, the safety of the people is compromised as this corruption bullshit by UMNO sips into PDRM, which is now corrupt beyond repair.

It is time for a Revolution. Time to step up and take the country back from these Obtuse ones.


bokjae said...

Well said! A Revolution is necessary if we really want to see positive changes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Ibrahim Ali, Shit! Shit! Shit!

Anonymous said...

Yup. They're all a bunch of cunts.

Need to find a way to leave this country fast, man.

Anonymous said...

Yah, All right thinking Malaysians, doesn't matter of what race,religion,caste,sex need to give this idea serious thought. This country must be taken back from those who see it as nothing but their personal fiefdom; a place where they are entitled to rob,steal,cheat,murder,threaten; before it gets worse!

The 1st step is to ensure that the UMNO/BN regime is removed without delay. The 2nd step is to seek justice from those who abused the country for their personal gains.


Anonymous said...

No, we don't leave this country. We stand firm to our ground. We push UMNO out. They are thirsting for a fight and we are not afraid. We will meet those UMNO thugs eye to eye.

Anonymous said...

"eye to eye" - I mean eyeball to eyeball