Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The "Real" Social Contract in Malaysia

The Government of Malaysia, particularly members of UMNO harps on this 'Social Contract' apparently between the races in Malaysia. I would tell this Government and UMNO, to focus on the more pertinent and relevent 'Social Contract', which is the Contract the Government has with each and every citizen of Malaysia. This Social Contract has a few terms and conditions, but for today, this article would focus on the term that the Government is to ensure this Country we live in, is safe and secured.

This continued political battle on which race owe which race a favour, is tiresome and bothersome. Whilst this battle continue to fester amongst our politicians, we Malaysian continue to suffer from lack of safety and security.

The primary Social Contract the Government has with us, Malaysians, is to take care of us. We pay tax. We are citizens. We are protected by our Constitution. That suffice as terms and conditions of our Contract with the Government.

We rely on our Government to provide us the security and safety, as part and parcel of being a Citizen of this country. We did not surrender our rights to a Government who has an incompetent security force (Police/Army/MACC etc). We do want a police force who need to be paid under-counter to stop doing their work, or be paid under counter money, to actually do their work.

We want an MACC who will catch the bad guys. Catch the corrupt. Catch the Big fishes. Not just catch who UMNO tells you to catch.

We want an Army who can take care of their own stock and not lose a Jet Engine or spends millions of shoes.

Malaysians, I believe are a simple lot. We just want a peaceful life and enjoy our tea after a long day at work. We want safety for our family, and for our future generation.

Why cant we have that?

I have seen Police patrolling houses at night. Though the Police is suppose to that anyway but I will just say thank you to the Police as a gesture of appreciation. But is patrolling enough? I have spoken to retired police officers who told me stories on how they would continue to communicate with the 'gangsters' back in the 70s and 80s to ensure they have information on the whereabouts of the 'bad guys' in town. The moment there is a crime, the officer would more or less know who is involved, and they would swiftly arrest and solve the crime. Is our Police doing that? Are they too busy asking for money from the people at traffic road blocks? Are they busy jostling amongst each other for the 'lucrative' posts, like the post of OCPD Cheras?

I have read of the Hong Kong's ICAC (like our MACC) manage to virtually eradicate corruption in that Country. I read that with envy, as I just dont have that confidence in our MACC.

Our Army? Well, we really dont know what they really do, right? So, other than Jet Engine incident, it would be hard to comment on the Army.

But how safe is Malaysia? Why isnt our Government pro-active enough to protect us? Our Government dont care about us, I assume? Or are the people in the Government just bothered about themselves only?

Perhaps a revolution is necessary. Time to join together as citizens and tell this government, enough is enough.

I would suggest this - Can we get, say about 10,000 Malaysian to meet at Parliament in the month of June (on a date to be decided) and meet our Member of Parliament, that they better buck up or else, we can replace them.

Or 10,000 of us to meet at Putrajaya at Najib's office and meet our PM and remind him of the Real Social Contract.

I would suggest that this gathering of Malaysians, should not be led by any Political Party or NGO, but ordinary Malaysias, who are just fed up with what is happening in Malaysia.

If you care for your family, your loved ones or this Country, then lets meet. Lets meet at Parliament first.

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