Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Richard Wee & Yip (RWY)

Recently Messrs RWL underwent a change of names. 2 of our partners left. Some partnerships break up every now and then; but some partnerships do last a long time. RWL could not last as long as we wanted it to.

I suppose I am still trying to find that one right partner, and in my buddy, Yip Huen Weng; I think we gel in well. Unfortunately my experience with my former partners have left me somewhat careful with what I feel about partnership. I genuinely believed the last partnership was 'the one', and Yip who joined that former partnership in late December was the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

But alas, it was not to be as the partnership broke up on 29th January 2010. So its just Yip and I for the moment. And to be fair to Yip, he has been a brilliant partner. We are reminded of our good old days in David Lingam & Co, when he and I co-led the Litigation Department. We left DL & Co in 2003 and 2004 respectively, with me setting up TS Wee & Co in 2003.

Whilst we were both in separate firms, we continued to work on certain matters. Somehow, I think we both knew it was a matter of time, we will work in one firm again.

So when Yip agreed to join RWL last year, I was elated as we now have genuine quality in the firm to compliment Sunil, Karen and I.

That however, is now history. I really hope that this is it! No more change of name etc. Yip and I now will chart our course, and we will build our bridges as we move ahead and move forward. We are now known as RWY.

Richard Wee & Yip - Bridging Gaps

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