Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Circus, called 'Parliament'

One would expect Parliament to be a place for quality debates which will benefit Malaysia as a whole.

Instead, incidents at Parliament in the last few days, shows us how low we have gone. The shouting matches, the mud-sliging, the daily ‘revelation’ by Members of Parliament (MP), are just too much to take.

Parliament by definition, is a place of the People. It is a place where our most important rights are defended and protected. The representatives elected to sit in Parliament are defenders of our rights and custodians of our civil liberties.

Laws are passed in Parliaments and the debates must always be for the benefit of the People and the Country.

But just a few days ago, we see MPs who recently left the opposition front, revealing how the opposition leader planned a take over in Parliament. Another MP was throwing tantrum (and papers) on why he has little time to speak. Another Independent MP, also formerly from the Opposition front, chose to discuss about a murder involving a Mongolian lady whilst debating about King’s opening speech.

What has all these got to do with the People’s rights? What has these revelations got to do with our civil liberties? By throwing tantrums and throwing papers here and there in Parliament, how does that improve our law?

Malaysian Parliament is nothing more that a circus of politics. The MPs give the impression that they don’t care about the people, they don’t care about the country. There is a severe lack in quality in the debates, and a severe lack of intellectualism in that august house.

The People of Malaysia must be vigilant when we vote again, in a few years time. We must vote against obtuse people, selfish people, racists people.

When we vote, we must demand for quality and intellectualism. We must demand for honesty and modesty. We must demand for integrity and morality. We must reject these MPs who have proven time and again that they only care about themselves.

We must revolutionise Parliament, for Parliament belongs to us and not to these MPs.

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