Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions

Ah... the end of the year dawns upon us, and soon we will be thinking of what we have done and plan what we want to do next year.

I must say (as cliche as it sounds) 2009 zoomed pass faster than a Jet plane. Well, maybe not as fast as a Jet plane as some Jet planes in Malaysia recently lost it's Engine. (I am amazed on how corrupt Malaysia has now become that a Jet Engine can be stolen. It's like having an Elephant in a Room, one cannot simply lose something that huge.)

As for the year end, I would suggest people stop making new resolutions but look back at the resolution you made at the end of 2008. The resolutions which you could not achieve or attain, you should review that. Was it an over ambitious resolution? Was it an impossible one? Really, no use formulating another resolution if you cant achieve the ones you set out to do this year.

Perhaps instead of resolutions for the New Year, one may alternatively reflect, review and reassess our life. Look back at the decisions you took, which led you to where you are today. Think back of the comments you made and the thoughts which came through your mind. Were they accurate? If they were incorrect, why?

The year has been a roller coaster for me. Starting of slowly and quietly. The Legal Firm struggled the first few months of the year. We picked up business but most of the time, we were merely covering the losses suffered from last year and early this year. I am so glad Yip has joined in. He will bring stability and intelligence to the Firm, and since he and I have put aside whatever perceived differences we had, I look forward to work with a person I consider to be a close friend.

The Firm also welcomes Johnson, a young lawyer with immense potential and Penny, my former clerk. They will both add quality to the Firm.

I am glad and thankful that my family are all right. I pray for their safety and well being next year.

As for my country Malaysia, what can I say; we lost 2 Jet Engine, won a SEA Games football gold and continue to draw unnecessary attention of the World media with the Kartika's proposed caning and Teoh Beng Hock's death. I guess we can say Malaysia, won lost and draw this year.

I can only hope next year will be better. The year has ended in mixed feelings of anguish, despair and hope. Love too, has come knocking at my door and it is nice to feel, again.

This Thursday is the last day for the year and the decade. Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

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