Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Malaysian Ku-Klux-Klan?

What a wonderful phrase above. The above is a quote from Malaysian Insider, quoting Ahmad, who is one of the 6 charged for the now infamous cow-head incident.

Let us study this phrase carefully. It seems to me this person is using history to back up his claim for racial supremacy. His foundation is that this land was once known as 'Tanah Melayu', and on that logic, as a Malay, he claims supremacy. He suggests that all other races being migrants, are 2nd class.

I would like to quote the website of, where that website is quoted to state:-

"Anthropologists trace the home of the malay race to the Northwest part of Yunan, in China".

So, if that is the history of the Malay race in Tanah Melayu, it only means that the Malays are actually, Chinese. If the Malays are actually Chinese, that would make all my malay friends, my long distance relative.

Wow, what a revelation.

So, how does one claim racial supremacy over other migrants, when one is also a migrant?

It is also obvious that this Ahmad chap is relying on 'I-came-to-this-land-before-you' argument to lay claim as the supreme race of the Land. But it is an acceptable truth that the Orang Asli were here before the Malays. If that is the case, using the logic of Ahmad, of who come first is supreme, how did that make the Malays a supreme race in Malaysia? The Orang Asli has to be the supreme race in Malaysia then?

I would submit that the tirade by Ahmad above is the very reason why Malaysia must move away from this racial issues in Malaysia. These issues are illogical and unacceptable in the modern day Malaysia.

But, I will concede that the Constitution of Malaysia preserves the rights of the Malay race. I would accept that as part of the Law, as I respect and accept the Federal Constitution as the supreme law in Malaysia.

I would, however, not accept that our Federal Constitution was drafted to bred racism.

We do not and should not have a Ku-Klux-Klan attitude in our Country.

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the first sultan in this Tanah Melayu is Parameswara who is an that means chinese,indian and the malays should be the supremacy in this land..