Thursday, 9 July 2009

Everton Signs 2 Players

EPL 2009/10 will kick off in about a month's time. Everton has started pre-season at Scotland. 

Will Everton sustain the top 5 place? Possible. Can Everton break into top 4? Tough but we are capable.

You know your club is doing above average when the bantering against your club gets nastier and louder. It is getting common for me hear from friends (particularly from the Clubs who are finished higher then Everton) to "kutuk" & belittle Everton. It is fun, and I enjoy the bantering, though some of these fans are a little irritating, particularly the Fans of the Club, using our former Stadium. 

Recently, Everton announced the signing of 2 new players. A 17 year old German Defender, apparently with bright prospect; and Jo, the Brazilian from Man City. Jo joins Everton on loan for a season, whilst the German Defender, Mustafi is a free transfer (subject to Everton compensating his former club Hamburg, a nominal sum for the youth training Mustafi received at Hamburg).

Everton also signed a 16 year old player from Leeds United, Garbett. He will be playing in Everton's youth squad, and I think Everton has to pay a similar compensation to that of Mustafi's transfer.

Hope we sign 2-3 more quality players.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.


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