Monday, 14 November 2011

611 in 2011

Its becoming more and more difficult to find quality time to write on this blog. Usual issues = work, Bar etc.. Life has been unrelenting.

Last week, celebrated a rather quiet Birthday. Was recovering after a tiring but exhilarating wedding the day before. Yeap, got married on the 5th Nov 2011 to Ann Quah.

Always felt Weddings is a little over-rated. But Weddings, to me, is about the congregation of people who are important to you. It is this meeting of old friends and relatives; which ought to be more important, than say, the colour of the ribbon on my wedding car. 

I was so so pleased to see all my very close friends at the wedding. Chow Hoong was momentous as the best man. He did all he could to ensure everything went well. I am indebted to him (and really hope he will marry soon so that I can return his good deed to him. LOL).

All the other very close buddies were there too. Teh & Suan plus little Helena, Si-puteh,  Yee Meng, Theam Hock, Chee Seng & Shirley, Keng Wah & wife, Sze Meng & Van, Pooi Ling (& Dom), Nien Yi & Pooi Foon.

Soon Seng could not make it; but it is understandable. To travel all the way from US just for a few days, would not be practical. In any event, we all plan to meet at Bali next June 2012, where Ann and I will "host" another wedding dinner there with all our respective buddies. We'll meet there instead.

Was pleased to see relatives of both side there too, and also some friends of my parents. 

My parents & May Leen were extremely supportive. They were very understanding, and I think they made the wedding very smooth on the Wee side of the family.

Ann's parents were also very understanding. They have accepted me into their family, and I cant really ask for more.

Ashley was trying to be in the thick of action all the time. Must have been an exciting day. Not everyday one get to see their mum getting married.

But most important of all was Ann. She was calm most of the time, supportive and steady. The very spirit of a lady which charmed me to marry her.

A note of thanks to the Chi Muis who helped out and ensured Ann remained calm.

Also a note of thanks to Sarah who helped out with the macaroons and; Yip Xiaoheng and Calvin Khoo who helped out with the AV.

So after all that, 6th Nov 2011 was really a quiet day with the Wifey. Recuperating after the busy 2-3 months of planning and execution of the plans. I am 38 years old, and hope the next year will be a calm year, a steady year and most of all, hope it will be a happy year. At the end of the day, all we want to be; is Happy!

Thank you.

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