Friday, 1 April 2011

Malaysia Really Boleh!

We see the best of Malaysia, in the past week:-

1.  No Poco-poco allowed in Perak, Fatwa of Perak's Muslim Body

2.   3 Datuk, 1 was in a video, 2 were at Press COnference, all 3 behind the screening a sex video, apparently recording a sexual encounter between a man who look like Anwar Ibrahim. Out of the 3, one is a former UMNO man who is a former PKR man, who is now an UMNO man again. The 2nd is a former Chief Minister who allegedly fucked young Girls. The 3rd Datuk has poor management of his mustache is apparently a straight man involved in a crooked bridge contract.

3.   Related to this, the very Datuk alleging that Anwar Ibrahim was in that sex video, threaten to sue people who allege that he allegedly fucked young girls when he was a Chief Minister. 

4.   MACC officer watch porn while interrogating Teoh Beng Hock. We now know what happened I suppose?

5.   No more KPI? Will Judges be more interested in statistics of case completion or achieving Justice?

6.    The Home Minister of the BN Government say Government in fair and dont like people attacking religions, but went on to 'chop', for Christians only on Bahasa Melayu Bibles.

7.     A member of Parliament, representing the best of Malaysia attacks ladies as poor drivers, received criticism for that from Women, and then allege the criticism is 'sexual harassment'. Classic!

Malaysia, Truly Boleh!

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