Saturday, 8 January 2011

House Breaking: The Rape of your sanctuary

In Petaling Jaya, it is very common to see a Home, with these :-
1. Alarm
3. Triple lock (some quandraple)
4. Guards

These are measure that Home owners take to safeguard the safety of their home. Despite these efforts, people's house still get broken in. Last year, my family home was broken in (have said that a few times already on this blog). A few days ago, a neighbor, living 2 doors away had their house broken in too. My neighbor's sister at Taman Megah also suffered a break in on the same day.

Today, in the Star, you will read the news about the famous blogger Rocky Bru. His house was broken 2 nights ago. This is despite the fact his house is guarded and also he triple locked his home. He lost his car, his son's scooter and some watches (amongst others).

We may need expert and statistics to support some contention that our Police is weak, but if we speak from what we see and we feel, one cant help but conclude that one major reason for the rampant house breaking in Klang Valley is due to weak policing. Corruption is a major problem. When an organisation is filled with corrupt officers, eventually it will lead to breakdown of the system at that organisation. This issue has been raised perhaps a million times in news & blogs in Malaysia; but seriously, how much has been done to ensure the Police do what they are legally paid to do; ie to protect & ensure safety of the people of Malaysia.

I feel for Rocky Bru. It is not what one lose in a house breaking which hurts; but it is the intrusion into a person's sanctuary.

Once one's home is broken in; it never feels the same again.
Fear crepts in to the resident of the broken home.
Confidence is low.
Suspicion is high.

Victims of homes broken in, more often than not, dont live in full enjoyment of their home anymore. There is always that niggling fear that when you return home, you may either find your home broken or worst, bump into the perpetrators themselves.

One day; if this Government is not politically concern enough to genuinely and honestly enforce powerful ant-corruption laws; not morally concern enough to ensure the People whom it govern, feels safe; not legally imposing laws on the very people who is suppose to police us, then this country may see a breakdown in the soul of the system. When people dont believe in the system anymore, than we wont be a country, but just a big cowboy town.

On a personal note, on many occasion when family or friends meet up; we inadvertently talk about this issue. It seems like more and more of my friends and relatives suffer house breaking crimes. We should be talking about Malaysia winning Suzuki Cup; or the upcoming Chinese New year. Instead, the conversations is usually dominated by fear of our safety and lives.

It is sad, that discussions and conversations amongst family members/friends is no more about celebration of life; but the fear of living.

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x.l. said...

I havent been keeping up with the news lately. Busy busy ! (so called) But reading your blog here, I could get some sense of the current going ons of our country. Nice wrtiting style too. Jia you lo!