Wednesday, 27 January 2010

2010 in Malaysia - starts with a bang

We live in a Country filled with political issues. 26 days in 2010, and already we see so much politic-related issues happening.

2010 started with a bang, when Churches were attacked and burnt. From the church arson, to the pig head in mosque, this country has so much political issues to offer. Perhaps we can offer political-tourism to the world.

"Come to Malaysia for a week of political holiday" - that would be a potential slogan for our Ministry of Tourism.

PKR is again on self-destruction mode. Zulkifli Nordin should be sacked, but yet PKR still keeps him. He must be a favorite pet of someone in PKR. In any event, the super racist and obtuse UMNO-friendly, PERKASA led by the ever obtuse Ibrahim Ali now has 'warned' non-malays in Malaysia not to mess around with the Malays. PKR and UMNO are even, then, with Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin in respective parties. Perhaps, Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin should form a 'best friend' club. After all, they are both racist & obtuse.

I notice all this issues are amplified and raised just when we hear about this jet engine loss. Our Prime Minister lost that Jet Engine when he was still a Defence Minsiter then. I always felt that the bigger issue about that Jet Engine is not just the loss. The loss is bad and embarrassing. But the larger issue is that the organisation which lost it is our Army.

The Army is our first line of defence. Whilst I dont encourage war, but I do wish to have a strong defence. Our Army, unfortunately have sent a message to entire region that they are so weak, that they can even lose their own Jet Engine. How embarrassing!?

Lets hope the year wont just be one bang after another.. but somehow, I foresee another bang coming up pretty soon.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


RWL will be evolving to RWY by 1st February 2010. It is sad to see Sunil leave but I suppose we all have to do what we have to do.

Yip and I will helm the firm, supported by Johnson Lim our able Associate, Mala our ever present & reliable clerk and Penny our trusted Conveyancing clerk.

I hope we will do well this year, and many years to come.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

MACC's action takes the Cake

Incredible!! Really incredible!!

I now read on the New Straits Time online that MACC will investigate alleged cake purchases of about RM3900 by Kelantan State Government, via the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporate. With the corruption at the Army (read : Lost Jet Engine), Police and Khir Toyo bungalow, MACC chose to investigate a cake purchase?

MACC's latest action, truly takes the Cake.

And let's see who complain about this cake issue? Non other than Dato Md Alwi, from UMNO Kelantan. There is no doubt, MACC is UMNO's pet, with a leash tied around the neck of MACC, doing all the dirty work of UMNO.

But, I must thank the UMNO government for forming such a bias and corruptible Commission to assist the people to 'celik mata' and see for themselves the abuse of power by UMNO's government. Thanks Najib, and of cos, Thanks to Pak Lah too, who started the ball rolling.

Now, where should I go buy a cake, feel like having a Chocolate moist.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Home Minister = Obtuse

In my earlier posting, I suggested that our current Home Minister is a hypocrite.

Today, I read a report in The Star, where the Home Minister was quoted to say that :-
“So far the attacks have involved stone throwing and arson attempts. There is no serious damage,”

This was his quote after 7 churches (as of 10th January 2010) was attacked by unknown people. It seems for this Home Minister, mere throwing of stones and arson attempts over a place of worship in a country of multiple religious belief, is no serious damage. How many Churches must be attacked before this is deemed serious?

This is the same Home Minister who warned people not to 'cabar the Malay and Islamic rights' in some of his fiery speeches and comments.

But we now have people 'cabar-ing' the Church and not just 'cabar-ing' but actually attacking the church, but our Home Minister feels it is under control.

I do wonder if someone left a bottle of cooking oil outside a mosque, how this Home Minister will re-act?

A Home Minister in Malaysia is suppose to retain and maintain security, but this Home Minister has instead led people to feel unsafe about out country. How to feel safe with such an Obtuse Home Minister?

This Home Minister also called for people to stop accusing UMNO in the same report. He said:-

"Over the past two or three days, we are tested yet again when certain quarters have taken advantage to point fingers at Umno and the government by suggesting that we are behind the religious incitement. Such allegations are baseless. These people have nothing better to do but to point fingers at others"

But if one look at the Facebook page of a group calling itself "MENENTANG PENGUNAAN NAMA ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM", that Group is filled with people having allegiance to UMNO. It is also very clear that all this whilst, only UMNO have been harping this issue. The ban of the name 'Allah' was by a Minister from UMNO, protests by way of memorandum is by UMNO and now the facebook group is filled with UMNO. So, what would one expect, when UMNO is always linked to this 'anti-usage-of-Allah' action?

For me, I have concluded for a while already, and the conduct and statements of our Home Minister only reaffirms what I feel about him - an Obtuse man.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Hypocrite called Home Minister

Our Home Minister MUST be the biggest hypocrite in the world. This is the same Home Ministry which condemns HINDRAF, and went as far as to make that movement illegal.

This same Home Ministry, through its proxy called 'The Royal Malaysian Police" would disallow peaceful rallies like Anti ISA and Bersih. The Police would arrest people holding candles, and also arrest Journalists and Opposition Leaders under ISA 'for their own protection'.

I remember more than once the Home Minister who would condemn rallies and decry the assembly of Malaysian.

But I now read that the Home Minister say its ok for some people to protest after this Friday's Muslim prayers, to protest against the recent Court decision about 'Allah'. Suddenly all the excuses and reasons for not allowing and condemning rallies are now out the window.

For me, this is an obvious attempt by the UMNO Government to use government powers to amplify and instigate division amongst the people. Instead of attempting to make people live peacefully, this Government now advocates division, separation and fanaticism.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Its Never Boring, Living In Malaysia

If you are a political science buff, come live in Malaysia. Its never a boring place to be.

Last year 2009 was filled with drama, twists and controversies. From Barisan Nasional's back-door take over of Perak to the extremely unfortunate death of Teoh Beng Hock, we have it all. Malaysian politics would beat 'Dallas' anytime, if made into a soap-opera. I recall the episodewhere Bobby Ewing died; and also the episode when JR Ewing was shot, newspapers were full of reports about that weekly TV series.

If we have a soap-opera in Malaysia based on politics, we can just call it 'Not Boring'.

How can it be boring when Political parties particularly UMNO, politicize words like Allah as a political issue, knowing full well in Sarawak the non-muslim residents there uses that term 'Allah' to describe God.

How can it be boring when we found out our Prime Minister, when leading the Defence Ministry, lost a Jet Engine of a Jet Plane (yes, you read it right - a Jet Engine).

How can one explain when UMNO claims that DAP's demands that Teoh Beng Hock's death be fully investigate, is racial in nature?

Then we have some obtuse gentlemen carrying around a decapitated Cow Head and claims that all non-malays in Malaysia are 2nd-class citizen.

There is always Perak. After attacking Anwar who sought a vote of no-confidence against Pak Lah when the former was PM, BN themselves embraced party hopping and took over Perak. 3 State assemblyman/woman left Pakatan and became BN friendly. To compound matters, instead of solving the matter by democracy, Sultan Azlan decided to give power to BN. I was in Ipoh a few weeks ago, and my family optician is confident that Perak will not fall to BN again. That sums up the sentiments in Perak at the moment.

Lets not forget our current Home Minister, Hishamuddin, who continue to defy intelligence and logic by supporting the Cow-Head boys and also claims that the Police is a little more corrupted because we Malaysians dont love the police enough. What a loving country we have here, right?

Our MACC continue to be BN's tool, when they chose to close an eye over clear and obvious corruption like Khir Toyo's bungalow house and VK Lingam's video incident, but will investigate alleged mis-use of some minor funds, all conveniently involving the opposition.

Then there is our MCA. All drama, all talk but no work. President losing a Vote of No-confidence but with a thick skin, he continue to stay on.

At the Bar, we have Police arresting 5 lawyers who were at the Police Station to defend and represent people arrested for attending a candle light vigil.

At the opposition front, we have racists like Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali, 2 top obtuse politicians. Whilst people say to me that these 2 have a right to their views, I suppose I too have my right to condemn their views.

So, there we have it, actors in soap-opera already exist. Plots and drama ready-made. Scripts are also available. All we need now is a James Cameron to make a splendid TV-Opera.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to all. I guarantee you, it will not be a boring year ahead for us in Malaysia.