Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hard work starts now!

The election

Got the sms from George Varughese about 5pm on 1st December 2011; that the campaign to be elected ended with success. It was a great feel to win sufficient votes to get in, and now; the hard work starts.

The last few months, whenever speaking to lawyers; the dissatisfaction can be heard in their voices. For a combination of reasons, the members are just not happy with the BC.

So I suppose this election would mean, inter alia; being send in to do some work and bring confidence back to members.

Thank you

There are many friends which must be thanked. There were many friends who helped out campaigning, giving feedbacks, ideas & advise; during the BC election month. Much thanks to you all.

Lee Shih & Syah wrote the introduction piece on the Bar Website. Thank you to them. It was a nicely written introduction. Tuan Haji Sulaiman also agreed to nominate me. His strong name no doubt helped the campaign. Chee Hoe also agreed to nominate when Lee Shih had to be in Singapore that time. Much thanks to Chee Hoe who agreed to support the nomination at the last minute.

What are the plans for BC?

Before the campaign started, in my mind, I have an idea of what I wish to do for the BC next term. At the moment, I am refining the ideas and proposed projects by speaking to as many lawyers as I can. I suppose when it is nearer to March 2011 next year, would I then know which Committee I will lead. Hopefully it will be NYLC.

But at the moment, the idea is to bring back pride to the BC. Members must be proud of BC. Members must be able to feel confident with BC. Can this be done? What needs to be done? Who can help out? These are issues which needs to be ironed out before work can start in March 2011.

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