Tuesday, 30 November 2010

End of Election Month

The Bar Council election to elect the new Committee for the next term, ends today. 

Come what may, this being the first attempt of mine to get elected has opened my eyes (& ears) to people's views & comments. Only when one runs for election, would one be able to feel the pulse of the members & embrace their views. 

It is amazing how the members would open up to a candidate for a BC election the moment they hear that I am running for a place. Some would immediately launch into an attack of BC. Some would praise BC. Some would just tell you want they want BC to do. But the members always, have something to say. 

What the election has impressed upon me, is the level of expectation expected from a member of a BC member. Whoever elected for BC next term, may have to work on these expectations. Some of the expectations are not realistic; but some are genuine (& unfortunately BC may not have met their expectations).

At the end of the day; this is a volunteer work. But I ran for a place at BC because I enjoy organising things & getting things done. I want to see things change. I want to improve the Bar. And the last few years; I feel I have done that at KL Bar. Even if not elected: knowing how I feel about the Bar; I will still serve the Bar.

Of course some members have said that a BC member (volunteer or not) has to take the flak from member because no one ask that person to run for election; and that person inflicted it upon him/herself. That is a point I would agree. If I ask you to vote for me: I would do whatever I can do ensure that moral authority of that vote would not go to waste. And hopefully; I wont fail or at least I wont fail too badly. 

With the results to be announced in a the days to come; I wanted to pen this down to thank the many many friends who spoke out in support; send me sms/facebook messages (informing me they have voted for me), the twitter supports etc etc. Actually; there are no winners at the election; as the only one who wins are the members who bothered to bother. Members who cared to care. Members who talked the talk. The election allowed the members to speak up and speak out. Democracy won at the end of the day. 

Elected or not; the election month have been an one interesting for me. Thank you!

(Pardon the "I" in the above posting. Its not good to write with many "I" but this one is to emphasis my personal feelings)

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