Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cautious Optimism

To blog about the constant illogical incidents in Malaysia has become a sometimes, tiring affair. From the discovery of a suicide note at a Death Inquest to Perkasa's continued threat to dismantle non-malays in Malaysia, our country is just a novel of political gamesmanship. Suddenly sand sale is an issue. Peaceful candle vigil sees Police storming in to put the light out. Submarines which still stay afloat, when the primary purpose is that it is suppose to sink. Hundreds of Millions of tax-payers money spent to build one big house for one man and his wife. Millions spent to campaign on some motto with digit '1', all of course using our money. Sigh, it is tiring to even think of all these issues.

So for this one, lets talk about something lighter, though still very serious - Football. Particularly, Everton FC.

The EPL is around the corner, and Everton this time around seems to be going steady. There is hope that Everton can sustain a top 6 challenge, and if (a BIG if) we can put up a consistent patch, we may just finish in the top 4.

Arteta's contract extension is a huge boost to the club. He is like a new signing to Everton and all is left is to get Pienaar to sign. Cahill, Baines & Rodwell have agreed to stay on for a few more years, and Seamus Coleman, another player for the future, has also signed on for a 5 year contract.

It would be great if Everton can bring back Landon Donovan, as he seems to bring balance to team, with his darting runs on the right side. Also, Everton must sign another left back to support Baines. He is the only recognised left back we have at the moment. Maybe Moyes can unearth another Seamus Coleman.

I must say that Moyes has been patient in building this team, and despite having a cock Chairman who cant seem to bring in proper investment to Everton, Moyes has agreed to stay on and try build a new era for Everton.

The air is filled with optimism, but typical of any Everton fan, we are always cautious if not sometime pessimistic. But somehow, this pre-season, pessimism is out of fashion, and Everton seems to be steady but probably wont be spectacular when the season starts.

Lets start with a win at Blackburn this Saturday.


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