Sunday, 18 July 2010

World Cup 2010

It came. it saw us and it definitely conquered us.. The World Cup 2010 came and had a grip of our live for a month but sadly, all good things must come to an end. Spain is truly a worthy winner and their fluid passing game is pleasing to the eye and should be the DNA for all future football champions.

I have to concede that my heart was with Holland. A team I supported since 1988 (the days of Gullit &; Marco Van Basten), but alas that final, they were just not good enough. Had Robben scored one of the 2 1-on-1 chances he had, things could have been different.

The other team I usually support is England, and they were woeful. A small part of me is glad that Leighton Baines & Phil Jagielka did not make it to that team. They would have returned to Everton torn and broken. England 2010 was shite.. as simple as that.

But the biggest winner for the World Cup is not that annoying vuvu-what ever-zela. Not Spain. And definitely not South Africa. FIFA was the biggest winner. The money they made from the tournament was obscene and FIFA was nothing more than a godfather, demanding protection money from anyone who was willing to be part of the procession.

Their cock-nonsense about no video technology has now brought the entire game into disrepute when that 'goal' by Lampard was missed by the cock-eye referee but seen by millions of us at home, and I am sure thousands in that stadium too.

Blatter once said that video technology take away the human factor, the human celebration. To say he talks cock, is an understatement. What nonsense is that. Human celebration or whatever human thingy, celebrates fair play and if there is a way to sort things out fairly, human by nature would want to subscribe to that. It is in-built in all human character that we want to be judged fairly and accurately.

So having to stop a game for about 30 seconds to see that the ball did pass the goal line, would cause an even better and justified fairplay.

Blatter is nothing more than a football mafia, taking in the money for FIFA's own benefit.

Lets hope the next World Cup, we wont see another 'Lampard'. Till then, I will always remember Larissa Riquelme..

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