Friday, 25 June 2010

Demeaning Malaysian Chinese?

When Nazri claims that this gambling thing (sport betting), is for the Chinese, and that it is the culture of the Malaysian Chinese, I found that demeaning. 

The issue now is not about the culture of a group of people. The issue is whether gambling should be legalized in Malaysia. We already have legalized Sports Toto/3D/Magnum etc etc, do we need sports gambling? 

Even Pakatan should stop the rhetoric about this being un-islamic. That is not the principle issue. If it is, then we have to close all gambling shops. 

Perhaps Nazri should stop making sweeping statements that the Chinese in Malaysia loves to gamble. If he wishes to make sweeping statements, and more so if he wishes to justify and fortify that kind of sweeping remarks, then he must be prepared to accept comments that UMNO politicians are corrupted and immoral. 

As for the sports betting, the Government has again failed to be transparent when granting the license to Ascott. The current flip-flop of yes-no-yes license given is poor image for the Government. We cant even decide on something like this. Very poor indeed. 

The people must also look at the income the sports betting will generate for the country. If (and only IF) this money is channeled properly back to the people, AND the betting scheme is well regulated, then perhaps the enterprise may work.

But in Malaysia where we suspect the integrity of the administrators, we have the corrupt UMNO and BN people plundering our money & we have a Government who is unsure of themselves, it is unlikely that the scheme will work.

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