Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Malaysia Boleh

Muhyiddin does it again. He now claims the inter-faith commission is a 'small-fry'. The same fellow who proudly announced that he is Malay 1st and Malaysian 2nd. His boss Najib say its ok. 

To say this is bull-shit, is an understatement. We have our PM hawking the yet to be crystalised concept of 1 Malaysia, a concept which purportedly want to make all us Malaysians a "1". (Till now, we are not sure what this 1 Malaysia is) And yet we have the DPM saying he is Malay 1st and Malaysian 2nd. Real Champion DPM we have.

Before we can understand this concept, Najib now announces a new economic model. I must concede, on paper, the model looks promising.

But I have this to say to Najib; its great to have concepts and economic models, but why try to come out with new concepts etc, to sway our mind away; when what you really need to do is improve the delivery system. No need a new model or concept and all, just work towards repairing the delivery system. Our Land Office takes months sometimes years just to amend an error in a title (which was caused by the Land Office, in the first place). 

The Police, they wont investigate unless you pay them, and they wont arrest you, if you pay them too. So do something about that. What about IPCMC? Has Najib forgotten about that. All that hoo-haa about a Royal Commission about the Police, and in the end, nothing. Nothing done to secure the security of our family, our young ones, our loved ones. 

MACC? This one is in such a deplorable state, that we probably need a new MACC. Our current MACC would give David Letterman so much ammunition to poke fun at, he probably would have a 2nd  Late Show just dedicated to the MACC jokes.

Back to Muhyiddin, he is apparently going to be our next Prime Minister. To say he is a little shallow; is being polite. He does not exude any image of intelligence at all, and at times, he seems more daft than anything. 

But when we have a PM who takes a top-racist MP in Zulkifli Nordin to Washington to meet Obama, effectively showing US "Hey, this is amongst my best MPs", what more can we ask of our DPM. 

As for Obama, when he finish meeting Zul Nordin, he may just say to his assistant, "Ah, we dont need to worry much about Malaysia, their best MP is as good as our worst politician here in Washington"

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