Wednesday, 17 February 2010

No 'Kopi' at Kopitiam

Visited Singapore just before CNY, and was at this place called 'Lo Pa Sat' which in hokkien means, the old market.

Ann, Myke and I met Teh there at about 11pm. We were hoping to have some coffee and we were happy to see a stall called 'Kopitiam' similar to the photo above.

I lined up to order our drinks (in Singapore, they line up for almost everything), and when it was my turn, I ordered:-

"Uncle, One Nescafe, please".

Before I could say "and another kopi-o", the indian man who manned the stall said this, "Sorry, no nescafe".

A little surprised, I then when on to ask for the 2nd drink, "What about kopi-O, uncle?". And this was the amazing answer I got:-

"Sorry lah, we dont sell coffee here, kopi or nescafe, we dont sell".

I took a step back and read the sign again, which clearly states "KOPItiam". I suppose there is a 'tiam' but no 'kopi'.

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