Sunday, 19 October 2008

Lawasia Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2008

The 21st Lawasia Conference will be hosted by the Malaysian Bar. The Bar has placed me in charge of the Social events. Needless to say, the whole project has cause nothing but stress and headache. I had never anticipated the size of the task when appointed to do this. The Social Committee is tasked to organise, not one but 4 events:-

1. The Opening Ceremony on the 29th Oct 2008 at KL Convention Centre
2. The Welcoming Reception at Carcosa Seri Negara on the same day
3. The Gala Dinner on the 31st Oct 2008
4. The After Party on the 1st Nov 2008

Whilst I have always enjoyed helping out the Bar, and organising events which would benefit the members of the Bar, this current project, while still enjoyable has also been super frustrating. Many things out of our control need to be solved, and the Conference is only 2 weeks away. The Social Committee Members are also under pressure to deliver, since the Social events will be a major talk point in most Conferences. The Committee Members are however all abled and dedicated bunch of lawyers. People I enjoy working with.

I am however looking forward to the event at Carcosa. Ironically the Social Comm did propose that place as an alternative location for the Social event back in January when we were 1st appointed. It was shot down but the idea was then taken up again just 2 months ago.

It is hopes that the events will not be failure and instead be well received. I am crossing my finger.

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