Friday, 27 June 2008

Sold out by BN MPs

When I read news on Tuesday, the papers were proudly announcing that Pak Lah won a so-called vote of confidence when the BN MPs voted a motion to support the increased Petrol pricing, basically telling us Malaysians that the MP support the increase in price of not just the petrol but:-

1. Papers;
2. Food / drinks;
3. Traveling costs;

etc etc...

The Malaysian on the street are suffering from the increase of price of virtually everything that is sold out there, and what happened in Parliament - we get these MPs supporting the price increase??

And they have the audacity to use this to say Pak Lah has the support of the Parliament.

Hello - if you cant hear us, please start - some of us dont care about Pak Lah. We are worried about the future of our economic condition. How long can we sustain on higher expenditure but stagnant salaries/incomes?

Please find ways to sole this. Promote NGV use. Promote Hybrid cars. Urgently improve Public Transport. Increase productivity of local food product to stop relying on imports...

Why is the government finding it so difficult to turn around? Simple - they have not been efficient for the last 20-30 years. To expect this bunch of people to suddenly run the country efficiently in the space of 100 days would be like putting a Kancil in an F1 race.

Disappointingly yours,
richard wee

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