Friday, 25 June 2010

Demeaning Malaysian Chinese?

When Nazri claims that this gambling thing (sport betting), is for the Chinese, and that it is the culture of the Malaysian Chinese, I found that demeaning. 

The issue now is not about the culture of a group of people. The issue is whether gambling should be legalized in Malaysia. We already have legalized Sports Toto/3D/Magnum etc etc, do we need sports gambling? 

Even Pakatan should stop the rhetoric about this being un-islamic. That is not the principle issue. If it is, then we have to close all gambling shops. 

Perhaps Nazri should stop making sweeping statements that the Chinese in Malaysia loves to gamble. If he wishes to make sweeping statements, and more so if he wishes to justify and fortify that kind of sweeping remarks, then he must be prepared to accept comments that UMNO politicians are corrupted and immoral. 

As for the sports betting, the Government has again failed to be transparent when granting the license to Ascott. The current flip-flop of yes-no-yes license given is poor image for the Government. We cant even decide on something like this. Very poor indeed. 

The people must also look at the income the sports betting will generate for the country. If (and only IF) this money is channeled properly back to the people, AND the betting scheme is well regulated, then perhaps the enterprise may work.

But in Malaysia where we suspect the integrity of the administrators, we have the corrupt UMNO and BN people plundering our money & we have a Government who is unsure of themselves, it is unlikely that the scheme will work.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Billy Joel sang a song with that word. Good song.

It is a simple word, describing a simple trait. A trait which has elements of truth, requiring a person who wishes to be associated with that word, to be truthful and conduct oneself with integrity.

There are people who just cant be honest. They would say a thing and do another. They would agree to an issue, and conveniently forget about it and say something else. They would act dishonestly and defend their dishonesty with vigor and enthusiasm, traits which we would wish this dishonest person would have illustrated whilst acting honestly, not dishonestly.

But as Billy Joel sung:-
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

How accurate this can be.

Monday, 7 June 2010

It's back... YLC Charity Nite 2010

The 6th edition of the annual Charity Nite by KL Bar's Young Lawyers Committee is back. It will be held at GOSH club at Asian Heritage Row, KL on 2nd July 2010 (Friday).

Saturday, 5 June 2010

How the f**k does he know it is safe in PJ?

In Malaysia, the politicians just seem to politicise everything. Someone wins a gold medal, they rush to give awards. Someone arrested in Vietnam for drugs, some youth wing will rush to 'save' the accused.

It is just sickening. Instead of focussing on administering the country, these politicians take the easy way out by just making sure they are seen to do things, things which really, dont necessarily improve the country.

Take Najib's visit to SS2 PJ on Wednesday. Our PM so confidently declare that people of SS2 feels safer. Is he talking cock, or is he just a plain idiot?

SS2 and for that matter, the entire PJ and Klang Valley is like the wild wild west of US. The robbers/thieves/rapists etc are roaming around so freely. People write on blogs, tweets etc on how they were robbed/mugged etc. Houses broken in broad day light. Cars stolen every day. Motorbikes stolen everyday.

And yet this PM 'declares' that the people in PJ feels safer. You can see this news in the Sun.

Why dont he let his daughter walk around SS2 without the hordes of police escort. Why dont he come stay at one of the houses in PJ and see how many locks we put on our grill door. Why dont he ask his wife to walk along the street in SS2 with her hand bag around her elbow, lets see how long before a snatch thief comes along.

And I read about lesser police reports made in PJ, as a statistic to support lesser crime.

Again, is our PM an idiot? People in PJ dont want to report to the police cause these police idiots dont do anything. We will always get the usual answers from the idiots at the police station:-
1. "Oh, ini kes sivil"
2. "Alamak, in salah balai lah"
3. "Sabar, kami tak cukup orang"
4. "Kami susah, sebab kamu rakyat tak nak tolong kami bagi informasi" (even though it is the police's job to gather intelligence, or else why the f**k we have a Special Branch for?)

So, please, please dont politicise the issue of security. We who live in PJ dont get to enjoy our life. We live with concerns. Concerns that tomorrow, one of our loved ones may be the next one hit by a criminal. Our life is like a russian roulette. You never know, we may be the next to get hit by the bullet (oh.. that bullet thing has a deja vu feel).

Really, I really cant wait to vote Najib and his entire Government out.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Subsidizing the subsidized with our subsidies?

The Government now wants to take away subsidies from the people. Looking purely at the economic side, it makes a lot of sense to minimise subsidies, as subsidies have the potential to erode the wealth of a nation.

However, our Government cannot remove the subsidies if the principle reason is to ensure the Government has more money to spend.

This Government has shown us all, time and again, their propensity to spend unnecessarily, irresponsibly & immorally. Over the span of 20 years, we have seen many projects which went way above the budget. The Matrade Building at KL comes to mind. The twin track rail also comes to mind. Lets not forget the silly monuments build all over Putrajaya.

We read of the Auditor-General reports of laptops purchased by the Government, 300% above the market price. We see millions spend on RELA, when the money should be spend on the Police (more salary/better equipments etc).

Submarines purchased, but cant float. Jet plane engine, stolen from the very people who are suppose to protect the nation. Cars used by the Government, is rented from some mysterious company at a super-inflated price.

The numerous Bank Bumiputra scandals. The billions lost by our Government-related banks like Bank Islam. Recent Sime Darby losses. Klang FTZ scandal.

We can go on and on. It would too long.

All these are examples of wastage. Examples of irresponsible governing. Immoral spending.

The root cause, we all know is corruption. Be it in the form of kick-backs, pay-backs, rub-backs etc, somebody's back was taken care of, and the only ones to lose out are the people.

This Government has not shown the political-will to tackle corruption and in fact seems to send the message to the people, that this Government takes corruption as a culture and a norm. How then, can the people be expected to accept this proposal to remove subsidies?

Another issue this Government has failed to tackle in the recent discussions about subsidy-removal, is salary. The salary of a young professional in Kuala Lumpur, hovers around RM2,500 to RM3,000. Some lucky ones may receive salary of RM4,000 but this is the exception and not the norm. The clerical staff, on the other hand, usually starts at RM800 to RM1,200 at Kuala Lumpur.

If subsidies are taken away, what guarantees can the young Malaysians be able to cope up with this level of salary? If petrol price shoots up to (for example) RM3.50 per litre, how would that help?

A young professional use to earn about RM1,800 to RM2,200 back in the year 2000. 10 years later, the starting salary has gone up by 15% to 30% only. Yet petrol prices which used to be around RM1.20 per litre back in 2000, is now doubled in price.

Perhaps the Government should not hoodwink the people anymore. Why do you need this money saved from subsidy? Please tell us the truth? Is it to subsidies the expensive and expansive lifestyle of our politicians in the Government? Is it to give our politicians more money to promise to the people during by-elections?

Please tell us the truth. No more lies.