Thursday, 22 December 2011

Looking Back, Looking Forward

The Wedding is undoubtedly the most significant event in my life this year. Ann Quah said yes when the proposal was made and by 5th Nov 2011, we registered our marriage and hosted a Wedding lunch for our respective families. 

The proposal was done at Phuket. Ann (I think) did not expect it at all. Teh and Yee Suan were also at Phuket for a joint holiday. Ashley followed too. It was rather cute, as Suan kept on insisting that Ashley ought to go to their room to play with Helena. Unknown to Ann, I was planning to propose. 

So in the still of the night, and the silence of the nicely decorated room, I posed the proposal and offered the ring. She looked surprised, but I was confident she would say yes. And she did. (Yes!!)

That was in March 2011. We sorted out our plans and on 5th Nov, we invited the Registrar to a joint Family Wedding lunch, where we registered our marriage witnessed by our family members. The lunch was at the Courtyard Garden, and it was a nice background to a nice wedding. 

Am also very glad that my parents are healthy and happy. Guess they are glad they 'got rid' of their pesky son and can make good use of that extra room in our home. (haha!)

Ann's parents and brother have been great. They are understanding and caring. Hope not to let Ann's parents down. 

But the most important person was of course, Ashley. Not everyday a little girl see their mum get married. It would have been a huge impact on her. Whilst I will never replace her dad (in fact, I always encourage her to retain contact and meet her dad as often as she can), I do hope to lead by example and try to give her a good life. 

My sister is still in S'pore. Am concern that life in that island is slowly eating her up. She is so consumed with her work, just wish she could get a break. Really miss her. Wish we were closer, but I suppose we have different perspective of life. 

As 2012 inches closer, I look back at the last 38 years of my life, and cherish the experiences I gain, the lessons I learn as I chart the next course of my life, now together with Ann. We look forward to 2012.