Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Young Lawyers Convention 2011

Come July, the National Young Lawyers Committee will host the 2011 Young Lawyers Convention. It will be held at Melaka.

Watch out for more news on that.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

E-filing must be re-looked

Looking at what is happening at Duta Court, particularly the filing area, I cant help but notice many younger lawyers waiting for their documents to be scanned. When asked, many informed that they have to sometimes wait for hours to get the document scanned for e-filing.

This is reminiscence of (and still ongoing) the long wait at KL Sessions and Magistrates with the fast track system, where young lawyers would have to wait wait & wait. Much time is lost, and what is worst is that there is little or nothing much to learn from all these.

The Lawyers at RWY sometime spent a few hours just to file cause papers. And even if we scan at our office and bring a CD to Court, the scanning at office itself can take a few hours if the cause papers are voluminous.

I can only conclude that this e-filing is a bane to all lawyers, and the young lawyers particularly face the brunt of the problem, having to spend so much time at Court. This wasted time can be used to learn more legal work etc etc.

Given; that any young professional would have to go through the pain or burn the midnight oil as the person starts off his/her career; but surely waiting, waiting and waiting at Courts; is not part of the bargain. The young lawyers may grow frustrated and this frustration can lead to disillusionment.

It is crucial that this e-filing system be temporary withdrawn and re-worked before implementation. We hear of contracts signed which require this to go on; but no contract can work if the users do not wholly benefit, and more negatives arise than positives. For the sake of the younger members, it is hope this can be withdrawn. NYLC is assisting the Court Liaison Comm at Bar Council to improve the system, but i personally feel, the e-filing as it is now, cannot and should not go on.

The Courts MUST re-look at the e-filing.