Sunday, 2 August 2015

Be that Agent of Change

Been asked by friends, what can we do? One thing I can say, not doing anything, is not an option. 

Which leaves us with that question, what can we do? 

I would say :-

1. Start by being a leader in your own right. Lead by reminding your children, your family, your friends, on what is wrong and what is right. Stealing people's money for one thing is 100% not right. 

2. Take steps to ensure you yourself don't get involved or partake in (for example) corrupt practises. Stop giving 'duit kopi' to the cops. One less person giving 'duit kopi" mean one less corrupt incident. And remember No 1 above; be a leader and tell your kids not to do the same. Lead by example. If you continue to partake in corrupt practise; your kids may one day do the same thing too. 

3. Take part in civil movements which you feel comfortable. Do whatever little bit you can. Activities like Bersih is coming. Take part. Support. Don't stop it. Some say; "till now, after 3 Bersih rallies, nothing has happen - BN is still in power." I beg to differ. Before the Bersih rallies; we all thought we were alone. We all thought we cant voice our discontent for whatever fear we have. But Bersih has made us brave. Bersih has made us more Malaysian than ever. That itself is a big change. 

4. Some ask; what can the Bar do? I ask you, what cant you do? You have the power to speak, persuade, inspire & lead. You don't need to lead a million people. You just need to make a difference amongst your family, your friends, your circle.
As for the Bar; it is a Statutory body acting pursuant to an Act of Parliament to (amongst others), defend the Rule of Law and fight for justice. The Bar will do what it can.  

5. When the time comes, vote for change. We have come a long way since 2008. Malaysians broke the 2/3 stronghold of BN in 2008. Malaysia almost got a change in 2013. The next election, is up to all of us, to force through the change.  

6. I don't speak as Bar Council member here. I speak as a citizen of Malaysia and my views here does not represent the views of the Bar. I am like you, a Malaysian who loves his roti canal and nasi lemak and hope one day we will win a Gold Medal in Olympics. 

I do not profess to know everything and I would not be surprised that some of the points above, you may not agree. But all I can do is try to persuade you that each and every one of us, make up one powerful collaboration. Do whatever that you can, to effect change. Each and every one of us, can be an Agent of Change. 

Appreciate you taking time reading this long post. Thank you. 


Saturday, 1 August 2015

From Feb 2014

A video shot taken by a friend, reporting about the Everton experience; back in February 2014.

Till now, that Everton experience still resonates through my life. Thank you Everton.